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All About Control

Posted by politicizer on June 8, 2009

Kathleen McCaffrey, Staff Writer

Friedrich August von Hayek accused the liberal mindset of being “all about control.” I cannot synthesize the recent policies of the Democratic Party and boil it down to a more simple fact than that. (Conservatives are rarely better, but their focus is not about shrinking the gap between the wealthy and poor and neutralizing competition. They adhere first towards issues of security and pseudo-imperialism in the interests of business.) As I tread further into the waters of my collegiate career, I often find an ironic hypocrisy that characterizes improperly-titled “liberals.”

My classmates have blogs that smear the frivolous opinions of Miss California as being evil and warranting hatred. Personally, I do not agree that Gay Marriage should be banned, but I welcome dissent in the constant dialogue that democracy requires to be a dynamic force. I also acknowledge the validity of Miss California’s opinion as being of equal value as mine, perhaps even more as the State of New Jersey does not vote on propositions and merely lets things slide through our inept state legislature. Debate and lobbying will propel Gay Marriage to the status of a federal or judicial, not state, issue, much like Alice Paul was able to do with Women’s Suffrage in 1919. Proponents of this issue appealed to the minds of skeptics by making a cohesive argument, not by being dismissive and mean.

This hunger for control manifests itself in a diminutive attitude towards the minds of the American people. This is perhaps what disgusts me about liberal lawmakers most. They lost faith that the American people will actively change towards “green” technology, so they dictated that this ‘crisis’ would have to be solved by rewiring a massive industry and disbanding the Darwinian survival-of-the-most-acclimated-to-the-times. The American people wont survive or get past an economic slump that, if left to its own devices, will revitalize notions like ‘living within means.’ So the Senate should pass a bill that will punish the fiscally responsible and propagate irresponsibility instead? Surely this resolution will be fine as long as those elected remember to apply this same Band-Aid to the tremendous bullet hole every few years. Many in my generation live in a culture of overconsumption and are spoiled at a loss of understanding what the dollar represents. (Notable in this generation are some of the students at New York University who hate capitalism, except when it’s paying for their Condo in the L.E.S.)

This same vein of elitism was apparent in the mass media’s portrayal of Sarah Palin during the 2008 election. I will be the first to admit that Sarah Palin is not very smart. She couldn’t name a newspaper or legitimate accomplishment.  Yet, she almost beat Barack Obama with her sold-out stadiums. I have pairs of sandals that are better-traveled than her, yet she challenged Obama’s rockstar status with her equally popular gimmick and equally sparse resume. Despite her lower IQ and less-worldly demeanor, I would vote for her one hundred times over Barack.

Why? Because her character and words indicate that she believes in American people acting by their own volition – not under her control.


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