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George W Bush Vindicated on the Streets of Tehran?

Posted by politicizer on June 15, 2009

Conor Rogers, Political Editor
A brief note about the connection between the 2001 and 2003 US Wars and Iran today

It is no coincidence that the first ‘election’ in Iran following the successful implementation of democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan has been met with demands for rights, true democracy, and openness in Islamic government. Calls for liberalization are being trumpeted by thousands of people marching in levels not seen on the streets of Tehran in decades.

Let me be clear, as a middle-of-the road Republican, I was not fond of how the Iraq war was initially handled, nor the fact that information was apparently manipulated by Rumsfeld et al during the course to war, call me a surge supporting-Petraeus Republican if you will, yet these recent developments may in fact vindicate the use of the Bush Doctrine in Iraq regardless of how one feels about the run up, or the initial handling of it.

The Bush Doctrine, at least part of it, said that if a stable democracy was set up in the Middle East, it would lead to the spread of democracy in the region and since democracy (according to the doctrine) has been an effectivemethod to prevent the rise of radical Islam in states (see: Malaysia, Turkey), it was a way to defend against terrorism. The second part of this doctrine of course being that pre-emptive war was an acceptable means to defend the nation, in this case, by implementing western-style democratic government.

As protests roil Iran, this writer wonders whether or not these protests are connected to something larger, something that perhaps includes the cedar revolution in Lebanon in 2004, and the rise of democracy in the Palestinian Territories, and the return of Pakistan to a full democracy, all major steps by Middle Eastern nations towards democracy, freedom and even capitalism following the 2001 and 2003 invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The President always believed he would be vindicated by a safer, democratic and prosperous middle east after he left office…I wonder if we’re beginning to see it already.


One Response to “George W Bush Vindicated on the Streets of Tehran?”

  1. legalboxerbriefs said

    “Successful implementation of democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan”?

    More like ” ‘successful’ ‘implementation’ of ‘democracy'”.

    And the key word of the Bush “Doctrine” is /stable/ democracy — something from which both Iraq and Afghanistan are a far cry.

    The protests in Iran today are not the result of US interventionism in Iraq — which probably postponed them in all actuality — but rather the culmination of a long, growing, and acknowledged movement away from Islamic extremism amongst the young people of Iran, as well as the fact that a people suffering under tyrannical rule will not long abide by it.

    Again, nothing to do with Bush except perhaps only proximity in time, and even that argument is difficult to make.

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