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Nice to Tweet You

Posted by politicizer on June 12, 2009

Conor Rogers, Political Editor

Think of the most recent party you were at, recall how many people you told that it was ‘nice to meet them’ now, how many of these people did you actually find it nice to meet?

This unofficial ratio is roughly the same for our generation, as it applies to media outlets and personalities that “add us on facebook” and “follow us on twitter.” Nice to tweet you, but often times we don’t really want to talk to you. Recall from my original post titled ‘Meet our Generation” that the internet is an integral part of our social lives, not an addition to it. Now, just like a normal social situation, it’s nice to meet someone, but if they aren’t talking about something interesting – it’s really not. In the same way, it’s nice you have a twitter and are tweeting your thoughts in an effort to reach out to our generation, but if it’s not interesting or relevant – it’s really not ‘nice to tweet you’. Read the rest of this entry »


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